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In spite of claims by experts of the day that the Internet was "... no more than a passing fad", Yvonne's vision of the Internet was and still is long-term. Galganov & Associates was founded in 1996 and thrives today despite inherent uncertainties within the industry.
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Yvonne Galganov
has a strong academic history with a Social Science diploma, a Ph.D., a Post-Doctorate, an MBA as well as being a bearer of the Canadian Securities Certificate (CSC). Yvonne has authored a multitude of academic papers and has extensive university teaching experience. Consequently, Yvonne heads up Galganov & Associates. Additionally, Yvonne has management experience in various types of industries and provides Web Site Design by Galganov with the unique combination of computer programming, knowledge of software, artistic talents and Internet business expertise.
Mason Galganov
has a communications based work history. He has worked in sales and marketing for many years and provides Galganov & Associates' clients with its extensive business and marketing expertise. He also has experience in writing, proof reading and editing papers for publication. Web sites created by Web Site Design by Galganov are due, in part, to Mason's combination of skills in computing, human relations and Internet business and marketing. Mason administers Galganov & Associates companies.
To learn more about the Galganovs' interests and to read some of their personal commentaries, please visit their personal home pages. The principals' personal pages feature popular search engines for finding web site URLs (under "Search the Web") and addresses, phone numbers and E-mail addresses (under "Finding People") as well as high quality cultural sites and more.

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Galganov & Associates supports the principles of free speech on the Internet. We do, however, actively reject the practice of spam and/or Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE).


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